As part of the Street Team, you will be able to promote both at shows as well as online through Facebook.  During each show you attend, you must find a way to prove that you attended it by sending pictures or finding a way to otherwise talk to me about it.

You will be rewarded based on the number of points you earn as a part of the Street Team.  These points & rewards will go as follows:

  • 5 points: Sharing Hyperion FB Status/photo/event
  • 10 points: Promote at local/small regional show
  • 10 points: Hanging flyers/handbills at local businesses
  • 10 points: Hyperion as cover photo
  • 20 points: Chalk advertisement outside a venue
  • 25 points: Promote at bigger regional show
  • 40 points: Promote at music festival

75 points: Pre-party entry
150 points: Festival entry
200 points: Pre-party + festival entry

Point earnings & redemption are subject to vary at the discretion of the Street Team Coordinator.

If you are interested in joining the Hyperion Street Team, email Sunshine at